About Coach Mallard

HEY, I’m Keondra Mallard
Founder of Mallard The Speed Doctor, Former Top Ranked Division 1 Track & Field
Athlete, Current Junior Olympic Record Holder, and Elite Speed & Performance Coach,
And for as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with track and field, and
understanding the sport on a deeper level required and intense amount of sacrifice,
dedication, and ambition.
It all started watching my dad Run as a professional athlete and traveling around the
world and I wanted to be just like him not only on the track but as a someone people
loved to be around! I started running at the age of 12.

I’ve always been – and still am – a very outgoing and fun person who wants to be the
best in everything I do.. In fact, one of my coaches from my teenage years, Orlando
McDaniel, always used to tell me that I was special and I was going to change the way
people look at track and field and no matter what I always worked hard and gave it my
all. And when I broke the Junior Olympic Record at 15 years old, that changed my world. I
had different colleges from across the United States recruiting me and wanting to know
more about who Keondra Mallard was and where this young lady came from.


Despite being a great track and field athlete, I was always the diamond in the rough
because there were other athletes that were just as good as me or even better. Athletes
in my classification were stronger, had been running longer than me and I got
overpowered by many who were more physically developed than I was.

I had to figure out what I needed to do to separate myself from the rest… I had to figure
out a game plan, I would study many nights watching professional athletes and I noticed
something that I didnt quite have… and that was “TECHNIQUE”!
The summer of my freshman year yes I broke the Junior Olympic Record but that wasn’t
enough I needed to drop my times even more and the only way that was going to
happen is I had to invest my knowledge in other areas and I started training with a
technical coach.


Going into my sophomore year I started fall training and spent countless hours at the
track working on my technique with my technical coach, going through different drills,
getting stronger in all areas that I didn’t even know that was possible. Sometimes things
got so intense I would practice at least 3 times a day, and all that hard work paid off big

Because when I returned to track season after that fall training, I became ranked top 10
in the nation in the 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash I had developed as one of the

most technical runners in the country. Alot of people compared me to FLO JO and
Allyson Felix, This is what enabled me to qualify for many major meets and travel across
the US.

It was at this point I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about injury
prevention, athletic performance, movement, technique, strategy, nutrition, and the
mental game.

Now, more determined than ever to, I worked with countless coaches, and soon
discovered that a lot of the traditional training methods were outdated , and riddled with
flaws – keeping many athletes, like yourself, back from reaching their true potential.
Simple running is fast running! Another major factor SPEED KILLS! There is no in
between when things are simply DATA DRIVEN!


My senior year I signed with The University of Texas at Arlington and graduated within 3
years and wanted to pursue Nursing but then I felt that I wasn’t really following my


I was drawn to coaching and I wanted to make a difference and do something that
would change lives not only in sports but outside of sports as well.


I quickly became one of the top speed coaches in the DFW Metroplex USA Track and Field Youth Athletes in Texas. Many parents started sending their kids to me for individual training in their droves and I soon developed quite a following.


As I honed my craft teaching my system, that’s when I started thinking about how I
could reach players all across the world with my effective “out of the box” training
methods. And so with humble beginnings, Mallard The Speed Doctor was born.


Here at Mallard The Speed Doctor Academy, I reveal the tried and tested methods I’ve
discovered and developed over my 16 years as an athlete and now Speed & Development
Coach, and throughout over years of experience coaching players of all ages and abilities
– from complete beginners, to elite athletes and NFL athletes.